4-6 Weekly Group Lessons

How do you play pickleball? What's a drop-shot? My dinks are too high! How do I hit a backhand groundstroke? I would like to play doubles better.

We have fun, dedicated and certified IFP and PPR Pickleball Pros ready to help you learn pickleball. Read about our team of coaches and pros at this link! Whether you prefer individual or group lessons, we have experience in teaching using game-based instruction. Since 2017, we have been teaching pickleball. We can help you obtain your goals as a recreational or competitive player! Ready to get started? We post our current instruction schedule on Meetup and below.

*Read the following BEFORE registering

ATTENDANCE: We design our lessons based upon 100% attendance. If already you know you cannot make a lesson date, please be courteous and consider registering for a later session. We also completely understand if you are unable to attend a lesson for any unforeseen circumstances and ask that you inform the instructor of your absence.

REGISTRATION: We accept more registrations than available spaces to accommodate last minute cancellations, changes and matching students to the correct class level. We confirm registrations with a "Welcome" email which is sent approximately 3-5 days prior to the session start date.

Note, while highly discouraged, we allow same-day online registrations for the start of a new session. Registering online on the same day does not guarantee your place in the class. Bring an email copy of your registration and PayPal payment to the courts. Same-day registrants will be accepted in the order of priority by the earliest time stamp of the registration email so long as there is space available. We can only accept a maximum of 8 students per class. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time to discuss your registration.

REFUNDS: We always, always guarantee full refunds if a class is full. Full refunds are given for cancellations prior to a session start date. If a medical reason or injury should prevent you from continuing class, a full refund will be given.

SHOES: All students must wear closed-toe tennis or court shoes. No running/walking/cross-trainer shoes.

MOBILITY: All students are expected to be mobile enough to jog at a moderate pace, and to move in all directions.

CANCELLED LESSON: If we are unable to instruct on the day of your lesson due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or rainout, participants will be contacted by the instructor 15-30 minutes prior to the start time. We will make every effort to reschedule the lesson within two weeks of the last date of the session.

2022 - Adult Weekly Lessons (October - December)

Coming soon! Click here to get notified when the new schedule is posted.

2022 - Adult Weekly Lessons (July - September)

Ready to learn the fastest growing sport in the U.S.! We will teach you the basics of pickleball to get you on the court and playing right away. We equip you with da best foundational skills and strategies that can help you be on the court confidently while keeping you safe and playing for longer. Whether you play with a small group or at a drop-in/open-play site, we will give you the tools for success. No prior racquet or paddle skills are needed. Nets, balls, and paddles included. Limited to 8 students. Click the day below to register.


You know the basics of pickleball and how to score, but you may have trouble keeping the ball low; serving and returning deep; getting to the non-volley line safely; making a drop-shot into the non-volley zone; and knowing where to place the ball and when. Or maybe you need help on how to hit a better backhand, volley and dink. Sounds familiar? Not to worry! We got your back and can help you fix these and more. Balls and nets provided. Limited to 8 students. Click the day below to register.


Oh gosh, while I know how to score and play pickleball, I need help keeping the ball in play. I can make 6 out of 10 balls into the court from a slow to medium paced groundstroke. However, I still hit balls into the net or out of the court. I make a lot of unforced errors. My backhand, volley and dink are improving, but I lack confidence in some or all of these strokes. I have trouble hitting moderately to fast paced balls. I do not know what to do when I get to the NVZ line. Does this describe your ability?? Not to worry! Register at the link below to get the skills you need to put the fun back into your game. Balls and nets provided. Limited to 8 students. Classes offered once a week. Select the class day below that works best for you and register.

MONDAY's | SATURDAY's (All sessions are FULL. No longer accepting registrations at this time. Please check back. Mahalo!)

INTERMEDIATE - Once a week. (6) six 1 1/2 hour lessons with 5.0 Pro Keven Wong
This class will take the Intermediate player to the next level! You already rally consistently, hitting 7 out of 10 balls into the court from moderate to fast paced groundstroke; have an offensive serve; comfortable volleying at the NVZ, and attempt dropshots from the baseline and transition/opportunity zone. Now you're ready to spice it up! Add more spin and slice to your shots--whether it's a dink or groundstroke. Learn how to see the pukas on the court. Hit with a lot more variety and force errors on your opponent. Keven Wong is considered one of DA BEST players in the state! We are fortunate to have him join our team. Balls and nets provided. Limited to 8 students. Click below to register.

WEDNESDAY's (Session 2: August - September FULL. No longer accepting registrations at this time. Please check back. Mahalo!)

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