Our Values

Aloha kakou,
Oahu Pickleball Association is founded on the following core Values of Aloha:

Aloha – is the value of unconditional love, of self and of others, and we are committed to sharing our Aloha with each and every pickleball player.

Ho‘omau – is the value of perseverance. We will continually practice this value while promoting and growing pickleball on Oahu.

Ho‘okipa – is the value of hospitality of complete giving. We welcome all players with our spirit of Aloha.

‘Ohana – those who are family, and those you choose to call your family. As a value, ‘Ohana is a human circle of complete Aloha, and Oahu Pickleball Association is an ohana of pickleball players who share their Aloha.

Lōkahi – the value of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. Harmony and unity. We’re stronger together and value the collective talent, skills, and experience of those who wish to further the work of Oahu Pickleball Association.

Kākou – the value of communication, for “All of us.” We are in this together and speak with the language of “we.”

Kuleana – One’s personal sense of responsibility. We accept our responsibilities, and we will be held accountable to our community which we serve.

‘Ike Loa – the value of learning. To know well. To seek knowledge and wisdom. We will remain open to new ideas and will look to USAPA, USA Pickleball Association for guidance.

Ha‘aha‘a – the value of humility. We will work from a place of humility and modesty.

Ho‘ohanoohano – to honor the dignity of others.

Alaka‘i – the value of leadership. We will lead with initiative and by good example.

Mālama – the value of stewardship. We will take care; serve and honor; protect and care for the resources we receive.

Mahalo – “Thank you,” as a way of living. We will conduct business in gratitude to everyone who assists us with our endeavors and to those who have paved the way for pickleball in Hawaii.

Pono – is the value of integrity, of rightness and balance. We will work with a sense of pono.

Ka Lā Hiki Ola – “The dawning of a new day,” the value of hope and promise for our pickleball community.