Pickleball Courts

NEWS FLASH! City and County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation announces the build of new dedicated pickleball courts and with permanent nets! Get the details here.

Throughout Oahu, the City & County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation has repurposed existing volleyball and tennis courts for pickleball. We are deeply appreciative of their efforts to help support the growth of pickleball and to provide us with places to play. In under seven years, there are now 191 public pickleball courts at 95 parks!

With the exception of these two park locations below which have dedicated standalone courts with permanent nets, all other courts lined for pickleball require a portable net.

  • Keehi Lagoon District Park – (12) pickleball courts, no lights
  • Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park – (2) pickleball courts, no lights
  • Shigeo Ushiro Mānana Neighborhood Park – (1) pickleball court, no lights

Note, Diamond Head Tennis Center has (1) dedicated standalone paddle tennis/pickleball court, no lights.

See below for a list and a map of all Oahu outdoor public pickleball courts.  The number of courts at each park and courts with lights are noted.

Oahu Outdoor Public Pickleball Courts by District list

Note: A larger version of the map is available.

Practice Walls/Backboards

Need a partner to practice your strokes? Nothing beats practicing against and with the helping hand of another pickler. However, we strongly recommend spending time using a practice wall as a training aid in addition to drilling with a practice partner. If the movie character Sonny from the Godfather was a pickler, he would say “go the Practice Wall” for all types of strokes can be practiced against a wall or backboard. Here are a few public parks within Honolulu to try: Ala Moana Tennis Center, Diamond Head Tennis Center, Koko Head District Park, and Petrie Park. For a complete listing of 25 practice walls/backboards, click here.

Five minutes on the wall easily becomes ten minutes…ten minutes becomes twenty… you get the idea. Of course, practicing using the correct technique is more important than practicing the wrong way. Remember, you are building muscle memory through repetition. Checkout these two videos to get started:

How to Train on a Pickle Wall, Jordan Briones, PrimeTime Pickleball

5 Walll Drills for Perfect Pickleball Backhands, Nicole Havlicek, PrimeTime Pickleball