USA Pickleball (United States of America Pickleball Association) is THE national governing body of pickleball in the U.S. Everything from building a pickleball court; where to play pickleball; finding a Member; tournaments and more are all at your fingertips.

Pickleball Basics

Visit USA Pickleball’s “Learning to Play Pickleball” to get started on the basics of pickleball.

Many new picklers find keeping track of the score mind-boggling! This video, Pickleball: How to Keep Score, Explained – YouTube, will clear up any confusion!

Rules of the Game

Rules – What is a kitchen or service fault? What is the 10-second rule? Find out the answers to these and many more important questions by visiting http://ifpickleball.o…


Skill Assessment – Looking for a way to assess your pickleball skills? Start with these assessment sheets:
2.0 Player
2.5 Player
3.0 Player
3.5 Player
4.0 Player
Credit source:…

“Art of Pickleball” author and pickleball player, Gale Leach, summarized the different skill levels here, http://www.galeleach….

Recommended Instructional Videos

*OPA PRO TIP: When searching for instructional videos on the internet, be sure to follow-up with PRACTICE. It’s not enough to watch videos and think you can mimic the same skills without stepping foot on the court. Videos may boost your self-esteem and confidence to try, but nothing replaces the actual feeling of making contact with the ball. Read this Harvard Business Review article for the science behind thinking and actually doing: “Research: Watching An Expert Do Something Makes You Think You Can Do It.”

Tournaments – Ready for some competition? Take your game on the road! Checkout sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments. Game on!