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Get the latest scoop on “pukaball” in Hawai’i! Find out where to go for pickleball activities and events! Whether you are interested in playing with a pickleball pro, inviting a friend to a pickleball demonstration or supporting us while we exhibit pickleball–you’ll find it all here!

  • Children & Youth Day – Sunday, October 5, 2019, 10AM-3PM. Share your love of pickleball with our keiki (children) and ‘opio (youth)! Join us as we celebrate Hawaii Children & Youth Day! Founded by former State Senator, Suzanne Chun-Oakland and administered by Kama’aina Kids, this one day free fun, interactive and educational event is all about giving back to our kids. Bring your pickleball smiles, laughter, happiness and joy as we create a pickleball extravaganza to approximately 50,000 participants who attended last year’s event! 50,000!!! For more details, please visit: