“Da Pukaball Way to Play”

(Translation: Pickleball Etiquette!)

Many locals in Hawai’i speak Pidgin, which is an English-based creole language. Give it a try by reading the advice below out loud.

OK listen up gangie! Dis is how u suppos’ to ack wen u play wid us, k? If u nevah know befo, now u know, brah!

Firs’ tings firs’: sign in on da sheet wen u come. Oddawise u no can play!

Wen u walk to da court, no go behin’ odda people who stay playing already. An’ wen u stay playing, no go run on odda people’s court fo’ get da ball. Ho da rude!

Da folks on da ada sai of da net call da line, not u. U 2 fah, how da hell u can see um? How u figga, cuz?

If u get hit by da ball an’ u ack sked, ho brah the shame cuz! Mo beta bulai an’ say no probs.

If yo patna stay playing junk, no say mean stuff or give um stink eye. Mek preten’ ack nice k?

Help yo patna out wenevah u can. But no make tantaran an’ go jump in front fo’ steal da ball, dey like play too!

U like ack all hamajang, go time out an’ stand all da way ova dea bai da trash can. No beef eh.

Afta da game pau, get outta da court an’ line up outsai. No hog cheese da court lidat k?

If u no can read dis, go ask sum wun fo go read um fo u. U get um or wat? No worries brah, if can, can, if no can, still can. TRANSLATION: If you are unable to comprehend this document, please seek assistance from a qualified professional.

Dis bugga wuz made by da Oahu Pickleball Association © 2017. All rights reserved.

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