Learn Pickleball

‘Ike Loa – the value of learning. To know well. To seek knowledge and wisdom. We will remain open to new ideas and teachings to provide you with current strategies and methods to take your game to the next level

Oahu Pickleball Association provides many opportunities to learn pickleball. As Certified IPTPA and PPR Instructors, we enjoy teaching and watching players reach their fullest potential. We offer a variety of lessons from Beginners to Intermediate-Advance. We have the knowledge and skills from playing recreational and competitive pickleball locally, nationally as well as globally. We know what works and what doesn’t. We continually hone our instruction by learning from the best instructors out there.

Be sure to checkout our Classes, Clinics & Workshop page for our current schedule. We provide individual and group lessons in addition to drills. Reachout to us today to let us know how we can help you play better and have more fun!

Anxious to get started? Visit USA Pickleball’s “Learning to Play Pickleball” for the basics, strategy, and advice on staying healthy and safe while playing.