Meet our Instructors!

PPR = Professional Pickleball Registry

PCI = Pickleball Coaching International

IFP = International Federation of Pickleball

DONNA CHING – PPR & IFP Certified playing and teaching pickleball for 5 years.

KEVIN CHING – PPR Certified playing and teaching pickleball for 5 years.

BOB LEW – Bob is PCI Trained playing pickleball for 5 years and teaching pickleball for the past year.

DEAN MCCOLGAN – Dean is PPR Certified and has been playing pickleball for 5 years and teaching pickleball for the last year. Dean has been a sports coach for over 30 years and understands the physical and mental requirements to learn and excel in sports. Dean believes pickleball is a great way to stay active and healthy and learning pickleball the right way will make it a better experience for all who decide to take up this popular sport.

ELAINA PAREDES – A pickleball player for 4 years, Elaina has served on the OPA Board since 2019 as the Juniors Program Coordinator and Coach. She is also an IFP and PPR Certified Coach. Elaina has coached soccer for 25 years in both the high school and youth club leagues. She has a Master’s Degree in Teaching which allowed her to teach in private and public schools for 20 years.

EDDY ROGERS – Aloha, I’m interested in supporting the growth of pickleball in Hawai’i and Japan. I’d like to help players reach their goals in pickleball while enjoying everything this sport has to offer. As a former professional racquetball player, accomplished squash player, and now PPR Certified Coach and 5.0 pickleball player, I would like to train players to compete in pro-level tournaments. I am fluent in Japanese and welcome the opportunity to teach Japanese players!

YOSHINORI TAMUKAI – I was born in Japan and raised in Hawaii, and grew up speaking both Japanese and Korean. Sports have always been something that I found enjoyable where I played competitive soccer until the age of 24. When I started playing pickleball 3 years ago, I lost track of time and fell in love with the sport alongside the people. I compete in the 5.0 division and my favorite shot is the third shot drop. Not only do I love the different techniques, and proper understanding of the game but the mental psychology that comes with it. I enjoy playing pickleball with my friends and family and I love that it brings people together. My hope is that we can all share this love for the sport while improving alongside each other. I look forward to working with you all!

Outside of pickleball, I mentor and support upcoming coaches and consultants in optimizing their performance, marketing & advertising.

KEVEN WONG – Aloha, my name is Keven Wong, and I was born and raised in Hawaii. I’ve played many sports throughout my life including tennis for 17 years. I started playing pickleball 5 years ago and like most, fell in love with the sport. One of the things I love about pickleball is that it’s a great sport for everyone regardless of age or sports background. When I first started playing, I was surprised to find myself playing against someone in her 80s!

I’m a 5.0 level player and sponsored by Engage Pickleball. I am a PPR certified instructor, and I enjoy working with players of all ages and skill levels- beginner, intermediate, or advanced. I believe that a better understanding of the game of pickleball along with proper technique can improve your skill level and overall enjoyment of the game. Pickleball has become a true passion of mine, and I look forward to working with you! Certifications and Memberships: PPR certified pickleball instructor, CPR/First Aid, USA Pickleball member.

MARCUS YOSHIZU – “Focus on fun and enjoy the wonderful game of pickleball!”
Marcus is a former tennis player of 17 years, but when he discovered pickleball while visiting his sister in Florida, he played every single day since or at least he thought about playing. Playing at levels from 3.5 to pro, Marcus loves the game of pickleball. From watching the pros and applying his background in game strategy, he believes that shot selection and technique will outlast raw power in the long run. He has spent many hours contemplating the dink, the speedup, the counter, and the reset, and loves the occasional lob, tweener, and drop shot. Marcus can facilitate your journey in enjoying the game to the fullest, and provide insight and encouragement in any of your pickleball aspirations. From local recreation play to training for professional play, Marcus will love progressing the game of pickleball throughout our community.