Our Logo

Oahu Pickleball Association’s logo was designed by the late Elbert “ET” Tsuchimoto, one of Hawai’i’s very best graphic artists of all times. His winning portfolio includes such popular products as Hawaii Candy, Hawaiian Sun, Hawaiian Islands Tea Company, May’s and Hawaiian King to name a few.

ET was the perfect designer to create our organization’s logo. He possessed such creative talent, positive energy, and a fun but laidback island style. This was one of THE very best decisions we made for he captured the essence of Oahu Pickleball Association.

The font type is called “Optimism” and it’s a perfect match for OPA! It has a throwback to the chill days of the 1960’s feel. Some letters resemble a pickleball.

The paddle is lined with palm trees against a soft, warm yellow hue. A glowing halo behind the ball radiates out as an expression of our Aloha.

Hawai’i’s iconic Diamond Head is featured in green with the ocean depicted by a blue wave.

The color orange and the use of the black outline were selected because they play well with each other–they’re FUN and they POP–just like OPA and playing pickleball!

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