Lāpule Team Pickleball League


Where do I find information on Lāpule Team Pickleball League? Most answers to questions you may have regarding Lāpule, may be found in the Lāpule Team Pickleball League Playbook. Every team member is expected to understand the rules and guidelines for participating in this league.

Please check back over the next few days for additional information that will be posted to help you better understand Lāpule Team Pickleball League!


  1. What is expected of players and organizers of this league under the current Mayor’s orders to help keep everyone safe? Please refer to the Mayor’s order 2021-08, item #30 found at this link, 2106105-CCH_Post-COVID-19_Framework_and_Emergency_Order_No._2021-08_par_2.pdf (honolulu.gov)
  2. Are spectators allowed to watch the matches? Yes, spectators are allowed. However, Mayor’s orders state no more than a total of 25 spectators are permitted during the scheduled Sports Program Activity. Please see this link, Order 3, 2106105-CCH_Post-COVID-19_Framework_and_Emergency_Order_No._2021-08_par_1.pdf (honolulu.gov), and item “a. i. and ii. for details: Reopening Strategy Details — One Oahu


  1. I do not have a team. May I still register? Yes, you may register without a team. We can help place you on a team. If we are unsuccessful in locating a team for you, a full refund will be provided.
  2. Does each team member need to complete a Registration form and a Release form? Yes, both forms are required for each team member. The Registration form provides us with each team member’s emergency contact information.
  3. My team has some advanced beginners and some intermediate players. Which level should we register? To avoid “sandbagging,” please register as an Intermediate team. In the spirit of this league, we want Lāpule to be fun and competitive. We can all agree it is no fun when playing against a team which has underrated their ability only to guarantee a win.
  4. When are teams confirmed to participate in Lāpule? A confirmation email will be sent to the Team Captain upon receipt of at minimum 3 team members’ 1. Registration Form 2. Release Form and 3. Payment of league fee.
  5. When is the deadline to add team members? We must be in receipt of any new team member’s 1. Registration Form 2. Release Form and 3. Payment of league fee no later than Wednesday, June 23 midnight.


  1. Are Singles included in match play? Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of time and court availability, we are unable to include Singles at this time. All matches will be Doubles play. We hope in the future we will be able to expand upon the number of events.
  2. How many matches will my team play on the day of competition? (1) one match which includes (3) three games in (1) hour. All registered teams will play on the day of competition unless your team has a bye. (If (8) teams register, essentially each team will play on all Sunday’s within the season.)
  3. How often will I get to play? It depends upon the number of team members in your team and match lineup. In the spirit of ensuring everyone gets to play, we require that a player can only play once with the same teammate and play only two games a day. No substitutions once a game has started.
  4. Will my team play only teams of the same age? This league permits all ages to compete against each other. There may be teams which have junior players under the age of 18 or players over the age of 50. Teams are grouped by skill and not by age.

Team Captains

  1. I am a Team Captain. What is expected of me? Hooray! Please refer to the Lāpule Team Pickleball League Playbook and attend the mandatory Team Captain Meeting, scheduled for Sunday, June 20: 3:15-4:45pm Newbie-Beginner and 5:00-6:30pm Intermediate. Team Captains will receive a confirmation email requiring their attendance and confirming their participation as a team. Co-Captains are welcomed to attend as well!

Rain Cancellation

  1. What happens in the event of a rainout? In the event we need to cancel due to poor weather conditions, we will reschedule the competition day to an alternate Sunday or ask teams to reschedule on their own if they’re unable to play the make-up day.