Community Member of the Quarter

OPA’s Community Member of the Quarter award recognizes those pickleball players and organizations who has contributed immensely towards our mission, better equipping us in our effort to promote the growth of pickleball on Oahu. The award also takes into consideration the awardee’s relationships among players, who gives self-lessly in support of others both on and off the court. This individual or organization embodies Oahu Pickleball Association Values of Aloha.

Busaba Williams with Robert Okano, OPA Secretary, August 2017.

Fall 2017: Congratulations BUSABA WILLIAMS!
Busaba takes every opportunity to play pickleball. If she finds out there’s going to be a net setup, she’ll be there! She brings so much fun to the game. When she returned after a two-week trip, other players realized how much they had missed her peals of laughter when anyone on the court made a good play, and exclamations of disappointment when she didn’t hit a ball the way she wanted. She encourages her fellow players both when they do well and when they miss a serve or a hit. She treats everyone like a special friend. If you can’t remember how to say her name, she’ll ask you to call her “B.”

For OPA’s first tournament, Busaba volunteered to be in charge of food instead of playing pickleball, and did a wonderful job – granola snacks and fruit in the morning, a great plate lunch, and refreshing frozen juice bars in the hot afternoon. It’s going to be a hard act to follow at the next OPA tournament.

Busaba believes in sharing pickleball with the youngest of players, and strongly supports OPA’s keiki program. A generous donation from Busaba provided funding for OPA to purchase a dozen paddles, bean bags, hula hoops and other equipment for the youngsters to use during classes. She provides her encouraging presence during keiki classes.

OPA and our pickleball community are so very fortunate and blessed by her immense support.

Mahalo nui loa Busaba!