GAME ON! Experience local competition at your leisure and on your own time! You decide when you want to play, who you want to play and where you want to play. What better way to experience pickleball. Have it your way! What’s the objective? Have FUN, play with new players, improve your game, and move up the ladder!

Here’s the scoop…

  1. Season runs for 11 weeks from Wednesday, September 25 – December 4. All matches must be played within this time period with scores and discrepancies reported by 12 noon HST, Thursday, December 5.
  2. Winners are announced on Friday, December 6 at OPA Ladder Party. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the top of each ladder are awarded medals.
  3. All winners must have played a total of 6 matches. Ties determined by total games won, then points won also known as “point differential.”
  4. Challengers contact by email or phone a team/player above their current position proposing a date, time, and park site for ladder match. Challenges are limited to no more than 2 positions above the challenger based upon the ladder positions posted weekly, Sundays, 12 midnight HST.
  5. OPTIONAL: Players may choose to schedule matches at Petrie Park beginning Wednesday, September 25 from 6-9pm. Court scheduling done on a first come, first serve basis, and called/text by Tuesday for best possible timeslot. Same day requests or walk-in’s may not guarantee a court. Contact Ladder Coordinator, Donna Ching, 808-351-1567.
  6. All challenges must be accepted within 48 hours and scheduled within 7 days. Failure to respond will result in an automatic forfeit, and the match score reported as a “bagel” or 0 where the challenger moves up the ladder above the team/player challenged.
  7. No team/player will play more than 4 matches per week.
  8. Match results and ladder position will be posted on-line every Sunday by 12 midnight HST.
  9. Matches are best 2 out of 3 games, play to 11 points, win by 2 points. 2019 USAPA Rules.
  10. It is the winning team/player’s responsibility to report scores by email to and copies (cc’s) the losing team/player with the following information:

Date of Match: September 25, 2019
Location: Kaimuki DP
Players’ names: Donna Ching vs Kevin Ching
9-11 Kevin, 11-9 Donna, 11-9 Donna
Winner: Donna! 

  1. Each registrant will receive (2) Onix Fuse balls, which are the official balls used for this ladder season. No additional balls will be provided. Challengers are responsible for providing match balls. Opponents must agree upon match balls.
  2. Registration fees per player are payable to Oahu Pickleball Association. No refunds unless due to medical reasons or if Ladder Coordinator receives fewer number of players needed for a ladder. No deadline. Open registration.

One ladder: $20
Two ladders: add $10
Three ladders: add $5

Questions? Please contact Ladder Coordinator, Donna Ching, 808-351-1567 or