July - September 2022

Want to fix a part of your game that needs some extra attention? Don't have time for weekly lessons? We got just the right mix of lessons to get you over that speed bump. Register for as many of these "one-off" intensives as you wish. 8 students maximum. Nets and balls provided.

Cardio Pickleball 101

Get ready to have a blast! We will have you breaking a sweat while hitting hundreds of balls. We might not have music, but that won't slow you down in this high energy fast-paced class that will keep you moving and hitting from all areas of the court. Skill Level: Must be able to run!

Dinks and Volleys 101

This class is for players that are continuing to work on their dinking skills and have limited playing experience. Emphasis will be placed on grip tension, dinking technique, and footwork. Players should be able to rally a few balls with a partner. This class is also for players that can make contact on volleys, but may feel uncomfortable at the net. Skill Level: Newbies to Advanced Beginners.

Dinks and Volleys 201

This class is for players that can sustain a dinking rally of 6-8 balls at slow pace with either forehand or backhand (with player of same ability). The class will focus on directional/depth intent, stroke mechanics, and net play. This class is for players that can volley but may be inconsistent or have trouble determining when to let the ball bounce. Skill Level: Advanced Beginners

Groundstrokes 101

Do you need help hitting groundstrokes? Learn how to hit with direction and control, proper stroke technique, use of correct grips, and improved footwork. Players should be able to rally a few balls with a partner. Players starting to play pickleball are welcome. Skill Level: Newbies to Advanced Beginners.

Learn to Play Pickleball in 1-Hour

Join the movement across the U.S. that is 4.8 million plus players strong and growing! We will introduce you to the basics of pickleball, so that by the end of the class, you will know how to play. 0-0-2 Start! All equipment provided including paddles. Skill Level: Newbies

Serves & Returns 101

We will focus on two of the most fundamental and overlooked elements of pickleball: serving and returning. Various aspects of serving, grips, contact point, follow through, and much more will be taught.  For return of serves, this class will go over basic strokes, placement and depth.  All students must be able to hit ground strokes. Class will include 10-15 minutes of warm up. Skill Level: Newbies to Advanced Beginners.

2022 OPA Adult Pickleball 101 to 201 Lessons Registration (July - September)

Diamond Head Tennis Center, Court #9
3908 Paki Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815

Contact: Oahu Pickleball Association | Telephone (808) 351-1567

2 Pickleball Courts
8 students maximum per class.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING: Registration DOES NOT guarantee a spot in the class. We accept more registrations than available spaces to accommodate last minute cancellations, changes and matching students to the correct class level. We confirm registrations with a "Welcome" email from the Instructor, which is sent approximately 3-5 days prior to the session start date. Please also note, while highly discouraged, we allow same-day online registrations for the start of a new session. Registering online on the same day DOES NOT guarantee your place in the class. Bring an email copy of your registration and PayPal payment to the courts. Same-day registrants will be accepted in the order of priority by the earliest time stamp of the registration email so long as there is space available. We can only accept a maximum of 8 students per class. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time to discuss your registration. REFUNDS: We always, always guarantee full refunds if a class is full. Full refunds are given for cancellations prior to a session start date. If a medical reason or injury should prevent you from continuing class, a full refund will be given.
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Closed-toe shoes
Tennis or court shoes required. No running or walking shoes.
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