OPA Initiatives

We are all about community engagement and development through pickleball. We have several initiatives to make our community stronger and healthier. We look for out-of-the box ways to improve upon pickleball in Hawai’i. We are solutions-driven and leave problems at the door. Here are just a few examples of what we hope to accomplish:

  • Help build/secure, legislate and fundraise for dedicated pickleball courts on Oahu by Fall 2020. We continue to dialogue with key state and city officials to explore available and existing land for dedicated pickleball courts.
  • Become a Blue Zone Hawai’i partner to help pickleball players adopt and live a healthier lifestyle. We have participated in the Blue Zone 4M/McCully, Manoa, Makiki, and Moiliili meetings for the redesign of Old Stadium park, and we have several members who have pledged to follow the Power 9 Blue Zones pillars. Watch this short video on how this Blue Zone pickleball community in Loma Linda, California is not just surviving, but thriving!