Rudy Lopez

Rudy has played pickleball since July, 2015 and is having the time of his life! He conducts Beginner’s and Intermediate clinics throughout the island of Oahu, and in Hilo on the Big Island. Since 2017, he teaches and gives drills to Intermediate players in Kailua where he also assists Monday night Beginners and Novice classes.

Years prior, Rudy learned tennis from Dino Bondallian in Hilo and was active in club and local tournament play from 1978-1985. His wife Yvonne and he founded the Hilo Junior Tennis Club ( in 1983. After she passed away in 2014, while playing tennis, he discovered pickleball, and made the transition.

Rudy is “Mr. Pickleball” in every sense of the word. He contributes greatly to our organization by sharing Aloha and his knowledge of pickleball with everyone he meets. He is modest to a fault as he has won numerous medals both locally as well as nationally.